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What is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a popular online multiplayer game on the Roblox platform. It offers players a vast open world to explore, quests to complete, and battles to engage in. One of the exciting quests in Blox Fruits is the Soul Guitar Quest. This quest allows players to obtain a powerful weapon called the Soul Guitar, which can greatly enhance their abilities in battles.

Starting the Quest

To begin the Soul Guitar Quest, you need to head to the quest giver NPC, located in a specific area in the game. The NPC will have a guitar icon above their head, making it easier to identify. Once you find the quest giver, approach them and interact to start the quest.

Collecting the Soul Fragments

The first step of the quest is to collect Soul Fragments. These fragments are scattered around the Blox Fruits world and can be found in various locations. They are usually hidden or guarded by strong enemies, so be prepared for battles. Explore different islands and areas to discover these fragments.

Defeating the Guardians

After collecting a certain number of Soul Fragments, you will be required to defeat powerful guardians. These guardians are formidable opponents and will put your skills to the test. It is recommended to team up with other players to take them down more efficiently. Communicate and strategize with your teammates to increase your chances of success.

Unlocking the Guitar Shrine

Once you have defeated all the guardians, you will unlock the Guitar Shrine. This shrine is located in a specific area and can be accessed by interacting with it. Upon interaction, a cutscene will play, revealing the Soul Guitar. This powerful weapon is now within your grasp.

Mastering the Soul Guitar

Obtaining the Soul Guitar is just the beginning. To fully utilize its potential, you need to master its abilities. Experiment with different combos and attacks to understand its mechanics. Practice using the Soul Guitar against NPCs and other players to hone your skills.

Leveling Up the Soul Guitar

As you progress in the game and gain more experience, you can level up the Soul Guitar. Leveling up the weapon increases its damage output and unlocks new abilities. To level up the Soul Guitar, you need to defeat powerful enemies and complete challenging quests. Keep pushing your limits to maximize the potential of this incredible weapon.

Joining Soul Guitar Quest Parties

If you find the quest challenging or prefer having assistance, consider joining Soul Guitar Quest parties. These are groups of players who are also on the same quest and are looking for teammates. Joining a quest party not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also increases your chances of success. Look for quest party advertisements or ask fellow players in the game to join forces.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed in the Soul Guitar Quest:

1. Upgrade your character’s stats and abilities before attempting the quest.

Invest time in training and improving your character’s stats and abilities. This will make battles against guardians and other enemies easier.

2. Communicate and coordinate with your teammates.

Effective communication and coordination are essential when facing tough opponents. Plan your attacks, share strategies, and support each other throughout the quest.

3. Utilize ranged attacks and dodging.

Some guardians may have powerful melee attacks, so it’s crucial to utilize ranged attacks and dodge their strikes. This will give you an advantage in battles.

4. Take breaks when needed.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, take breaks. It’s important to maintain a positive mindset and enjoy the quest. Stepping away for a while can help you regroup and return with a refreshed perspective.


The Soul Guitar Quest in Blox Fruits is an exciting and challenging adventure that rewards players with a powerful weapon. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing the tips and strategies provided, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining and mastering the Soul Guitar. Embark on this quest, team up with others, and unleash the full potential of the Soul Guitar in your Blox Fruits journey!

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