How Much Does It Cost To Get The True Triple Katana In Blox Fruits?

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What Is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a popular online game on the Roblox platform that allows players to explore the vast world of pirates and acquire powerful weapons. One of the most sought-after weapons in the game is the True Triple Katana, known for its incredible damage and unique abilities.

Understanding the True Triple Katana

The True Triple Katana is a legendary weapon in Blox Fruits that can be obtained by completing a series of challenging tasks and quests. It is a rare drop from the Raid Boss, a powerful enemy that requires a team of skilled players to defeat.

The Cost of Acquiring the True Triple Katana

Acquiring the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits can be quite costly in terms of both time and in-game currency. Here is a breakdown of the different costs involved:

1. Time Investment

Obtaining the True Triple Katana requires a significant time investment as players need to progress through the game, reach a certain level, and unlock specific quests. These quests often involve defeating tough enemies and completing challenging missions.

2. In-Game Currency

In Blox Fruits, players need to earn in-game currency called Beli to purchase various items, including weapons. The True Triple Katana is no exception, and it comes with a hefty price tag. Players need to accumulate a considerable amount of Beli to afford this legendary weapon.

3. Raid Boss Battles

The True Triple Katana can only be obtained by defeating the Raid Boss, a formidable enemy that requires teamwork and strategy. Players may need to join or form a group of skilled players to take on the Raid Boss and have a chance at acquiring the coveted weapon.

4. Trading and Market Value

Alternatively, players can also acquire the True Triple Katana by trading with other players. However, the market value of this weapon is quite high, and it may require players to offer rare and valuable items in exchange.

5. Randomness and Luck

Obtaining the True Triple Katana is also subject to randomness and luck. The drop rate of the weapon from the Raid Boss is relatively low, meaning that players may need to defeat it multiple times before finally obtaining the desired weapon.


The True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits is a highly coveted weapon that offers immense power and abilities. However, acquiring it can be a challenging and costly endeavor, requiring a significant time investment, in-game currency, teamwork, and a stroke of luck. Whether you choose to grind for it or trade with other players, the True Triple Katana is a symbol of prestige and power in the world of Blox Fruits.

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