How To Awaken Ghoul Race In Blox Fruits


Understanding the Ghoul Race in Blox Fruits

In the popular online game Blox Fruits, players have the option to choose from various races, each with their unique abilities. One of the fascinating races available in the game is the Ghoul race. Ghouls possess incredible strength, speed, and regeneration abilities, making them formidable opponents in battles. However, to unlock the full potential of the Ghoul race, players need to follow specific steps to awaken their Ghoul powers.

Step 1: Obtain a Ghoul Fruit

The first and most crucial step in awakening the Ghoul race is to obtain a Ghoul Fruit. Ghoul Fruits can be found scattered throughout the game’s islands or purchased from the in-game store. Players need to keep exploring different areas and engage in battles to increase their chances of stumbling upon a Ghoul Fruit. Once you have obtained the fruit, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Consume the Ghoul Fruit

After acquiring the Ghoul Fruit, players need to consume it to activate their Ghoul powers. To do this, open your inventory and select the Ghoul Fruit. Click on the “Eat” option, and your character will consume the fruit. The process may take a few seconds, so be patient. Once the consumption is complete, you will notice a significant change in your character’s appearance, indicating the successful activation of the Ghoul race.

Step 3: Training and Leveling Up

Once you have become a Ghoul, it’s time to train and level up to further enhance your abilities. Engage in battles against other players or NPCs to gain experience points (XP) and level up. As you level up, your Ghoul powers will strengthen, allowing you to take on more challenging opponents and explore higher-level areas in the game.

Training Tips for Ghouls:

1. Practice using your speed: Ghouls have incredible speed, so make the most of it during battles. Dodge attacks, close the distance quickly, and surprise your opponents with your lightning-fast movements.

2. Test your strength: Ghouls possess immense strength, enabling them to deal heavy damage. Experiment with different attacks and combos to maximize your damage output.

3. Master regeneration: Ghouls have the ability to regenerate health over time. Utilize this skill strategically during battles to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Step 4: Explore Ghoul-Specific Abilities

As a Ghoul, you gain access to unique abilities that are exclusive to this race. Take the time to explore and experiment with these abilities to understand their full potential. Some of the notable Ghoul abilities include:

i. Kagune: This is a Ghoul’s predatory organ, which can be used as a weapon during battles. Experiment with different Kagune types and learn how to effectively utilize them to overpower your enemies.

ii. Ghoul Mask: Ghouls can wear a mask that enhances their powers and provides additional protection. Explore different mask options and select the one that suits your playstyle the best.

iii. Kagune Special Moves: Each Kagune type has unique special moves that can be unleashed during battles. Practice and perfect these moves to surprise and defeat your opponents.

Step 5: Join a Ghoul Faction or Group

To fully immerse yourself in the Ghoul experience, consider joining a Ghoul faction or group within the game. This will allow you to interact with other Ghouls, share tips, strategies, and participate in group activities. Being part of a Ghoul community can enhance your overall gameplay experience and provide valuable insights into mastering the Ghoul race.


Awakening the Ghoul race in Blox Fruits is an exciting journey that unlocks incredible powers and abilities. By following the steps outlined above, you can transform your character into a fearsome Ghoul and dominate the game. Remember to train, level up, and explore the unique Ghoul abilities to fully harness your newfound powers. Joining a Ghoul faction can further enhance your experience by connecting you with like-minded players. So, grab a Ghoul Fruit, consume it, and embark on an epic adventure as a Ghoul in Blox Fruits!

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