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Pokemon GO How to Find Zygarde Cells
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Welcome to our guide on how to obtain Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go. Zygarde, the Legendary Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon, has made its way into the game, and players are eager to collect its cells to unlock its full potential. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to find and gather Zygarde Cells, which are crucial for unlocking Zygarde’s true power. So, let’s dive in!

1. Understanding Zygarde Cells

Zygarde Cells are special items that you can collect in Pokemon Go. They are scattered throughout the game world and need to be gathered to form the complete Zygarde. Once you have collected enough cells, you can merge them to create Zygarde in its 10% Forme, 50% Forme, or even its ultimate 100% Forme.

2. Exploring Known Locations

To begin your Zygarde Cell hunt, start exploring known locations where these cells are commonly found. Some popular areas include parks, nature reserves, and other places with abundant wildlife. Keep in mind that Zygarde Cells may appear in different locations during special events or within specific biomes.

2.1 Parks and Nature Reserves

Parks and nature reserves are excellent places to find Zygarde Cells. These areas often have a high concentration of Pokemon spawns and PokeStops, increasing your chances of stumbling upon a Zygarde Cell. Explore different paths and keep an eye out for any special icons or indicators that denote the presence of a Zygarde Cell nearby.

2.2 Coastal Areas and Water Bodies

Coastal areas and water bodies are also potential hotspots for Zygarde Cells. Pokemon Go frequently introduces water-themed events, during which Zygarde Cells may appear more frequently near beaches, rivers, lakes, or even fountains. Visit these areas during such events to maximize your chances of finding Zygarde Cells.

3. Utilizing In-Game Features

Aside from exploring known locations, you can also take advantage of various in-game features to increase your Zygarde Cell collection.

3.1 Incense and Lures

Using Incense or Lures can attract more Pokemon to your location, increasing your chances of encountering a Zygarde Cell. Activate these items while exploring parks or other areas with a high concentration of Pokemon spawns to maximize your chances of finding Zygarde Cells.

3.2 Buddy Pokemon and Exploration Bonuses

Make sure to set a Pokemon as your buddy and walk a certain distance to earn Candy. Some Pokemon have the ability to find items while walking with you. Utilize this feature to increase your chances of finding Zygarde Cells as you explore different areas.

4. Participating in Events and Raids

Pokemon Go frequently hosts events and raids that can reward players with rare items, including Zygarde Cells. Keep an eye out for event announcements and participate in raids to increase your chances of obtaining these valuable cells.

5. Trading and Collaboration

Trading Pokemon with other players can sometimes yield Zygarde Cells. Find trusted trading partners or join Pokemon Go communities to connect with fellow trainers who may have extra Zygarde Cells to spare. Collaboration can significantly speed up your Zygarde Cell collection process.

6. Collecting Zygarde Cores

Aside from Zygarde Cells, make sure to also collect Zygarde Cores. These special items can be obtained through various in-game activities, including completing research tasks, participating in raids, or opening gifts from friends. Zygarde Cores are essential for merging Zygarde Cells and unlocking new Formes.

7. Merging Zygarde Cells

Once you have collected a sufficient number of Zygarde Cells and Cores, it’s time to merge them and create your very own Zygarde. Open your Pokemon collection, locate Zygarde, and select the Merge option. Follow the prompts to combine your collected cells and cores, unlocking new Zygarde Formes and enhancing its combat capabilities.


Obtaining Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go requires patience, exploration, and collaboration. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you should be well on your way to collecting enough cells to unlock the full potential of Zygarde. So, venture out into the Pokemon Go world, gather those cells, and become a true Zygarde master!

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