How To Get Full Body Armament Haki In Blox Fruits

Cómo obtener Haki de cuerpo completo en Roblox Blox Fruits
Cómo obtener Haki de cuerpo completo en Roblox Blox Fruits from


In the popular online game Blox Fruits, players have the opportunity to explore a vast virtual world and engage in thrilling battles with other players. One of the most coveted abilities in the game is Full Body Armament Haki, a powerful technique that enhances a player’s physical strength and defense. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain Full Body Armament Haki and unleash its true potential.

Understanding Armament Haki

Armament Haki is a special ability that allows players to enhance their attacks and defenses. It comes in two forms: Observation Haki, which grants players the ability to sense and predict their opponent’s moves, and Armament Haki, which strengthens the player’s physical attacks and defense. Full Body Armament Haki is the ultimate form of Armament Haki, providing players with unmatched power and durability.

Step 1: Level Up Your Haki

The first step to obtaining Full Body Armament Haki is to level up your Armament Haki skill. Start by practicing with weaker opponents and gradually increase the difficulty as you become more proficient. Engaging in battles and defeating enemies will grant you experience points, which will help you level up your Haki skill.

Make sure to focus on training your Armament Haki specifically, as leveling up other skills will not contribute to unlocking Full Body Armament Haki. By dedicating time and effort to training your Armament Haki, you will be one step closer to achieving your goal.

Step 2: Obtain Haki Fruits

In order to unlock Full Body Armament Haki, you will need to obtain special Haki Fruits. These fruits can be found throughout the game world, but they are quite rare. Keep an eye out for treasure chests, defeat bosses, and complete challenging quests to increase your chances of obtaining Haki Fruits.

Once you have acquired a Haki Fruit, consume it to gain temporary access to Full Body Armament Haki. During this time, you will be able to experience the power and capabilities of Full Body Armament Haki firsthand.

Step 3: Master Advanced Techniques

With Full Body Armament Haki unlocked, it’s time to master advanced techniques to fully utilize its potential. Experiment with different combinations of attacks and defenses to discover the most effective strategies. Practice dodging enemy attacks and countering with powerful blows to maximize your damage output.

Additionally, consider joining a guild or teaming up with experienced players to learn from their expertise. Collaborating with others will not only enhance your skills but also provide you with valuable insights and tips for utilizing Full Body Armament Haki effectively.

Step 4: Refine Your Skills

To truly become a master of Full Body Armament Haki, you must continually refine and improve your skills. Engage in regular training sessions and spar with other players to test your abilities. Analyze your weaknesses and work on strengthening them to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Furthermore, stay updated with the latest game updates and patches. Developers often introduce new features and balance changes that may affect the effectiveness of Full Body Armament Haki. By staying informed, you can adapt your playstyle and make the most of any changes.


Obtaining Full Body Armament Haki in Blox Fruits is a challenging yet rewarding journey. By leveling up your Haki skill, obtaining Haki Fruits, mastering advanced techniques, and refining your skills, you can unlock the true potential of Full Body Armament Haki. Embrace the power of Haki and dominate the game world with your enhanced strength and defense!

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