How To Get Enchanted Golden Apple In Minecraft

How To Get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft
How To Get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft from


Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to explore and build their own virtual worlds. One of the most sought-after items in Minecraft is the enchanted golden apple. This powerful and rare item provides various benefits to players, making it highly desirable. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain an enchanted golden apple in Minecraft.

1. Crafting an Enchanted Golden Apple

To craft an enchanted golden apple, you will need eight blocks of gold and one apple. Place the blocks of gold in a crafting table, filling the outer squares, and place the apple in the center square. Once crafted, you will obtain an enchanted golden apple.

2. Finding Enchanted Golden Apples in Chests

Another way to obtain an enchanted golden apple is by searching for them in various chests throughout the Minecraft world. These chests can be found in dungeons, mineshafts, temples, and strongholds. It may take some time and exploration to come across a chest containing an enchanted golden apple, but the reward is worth it.

3. Killing Zombies and Piglins

Zombies and Piglins have a small chance of dropping enchanted golden apples when defeated. You can increase your chances by using a weapon enchanted with looting, which increases the number of items dropped by mobs. Keep in mind that this method requires some combat skills and patience.

4. Trading with Villagers

In Minecraft, you can also obtain enchanted golden apples by trading with villagers. Look for a cleric villager, as they have a chance of offering enchanted golden apples as part of their trades. You will need emeralds to trade with villagers, so be sure to gather them beforehand.

5. Fishing

If you enjoy the peaceful activity of fishing in Minecraft, you might be lucky enough to catch an enchanted golden apple. While the chances are relatively low, it is still possible. Ensure you have a fishing rod and patience, and try your luck by fishing in various bodies of water.

6. Enchanted Golden Apples in Bastion Remnants

Bastion remnants are fort-like structures found in the Nether. They contain various valuable items, including enchanted golden apples. Explore these structures, but be prepared for tough enemies and challenging battles. The rewards, however, are well worth the effort.

7. Enchanted Golden Apples in End Cities

End cities are structures found in the End dimension. They are home to valuable loot, including enchanted golden apples. To reach the End dimension, you will need to defeat the Ender Dragon. Once you have done so, explore the End cities to find these precious items.

8. Using Commands

If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode or have access to commands, you can simply use the command “/give [your username] minecraft:enchanted_golden_apple” to obtain an enchanted golden apple instantly. However, keep in mind that using commands might affect the gameplay experience.

9. Benefits of Enchanted Golden Apples

Enchanted golden apples provide various benefits to players. When consumed, they grant temporary regeneration, absorption, and resistance, making you more resilient in battles. Additionally, they remove any negative potion effects and provide a significant amount of saturation, reducing the need for food consumption.


Obtaining an enchanted golden apple in Minecraft can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Whether you choose to craft it, search for it in chests, defeat mobs, trade with villagers, fish, explore bastion remnants, or end cities, the enchanted golden apple will provide you with powerful advantages in your Minecraft adventures. So, embark on your quest and enjoy the benefits of this rare and coveted item!

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