How To Get Blaze Powder Without Going To The Nether

How To Get Blaze Powder Without Going To The Nether
How To Get Blaze Powder Without Going To The Nether from

What is Blaze Powder?

If you are an avid Minecraft player, you must be familiar with blaze powder. It is a crucial item used for brewing potions and creating Eyes of Ender. Typically, players obtain blaze powder by going to the dangerous dimension known as the Nether. However, in this guide, we will show you an alternative method to acquire blaze powder without venturing into the treacherous Nether realm.

Gathering Magma Cream

The key ingredient for obtaining blaze powder without going to the Nether is magma cream. Magma cream is a combination of blaze powder and slime balls. Slime balls can be obtained by defeating slimes, which can be found in swamps or underground. Once you have slime balls, combine them with blaze powder to create magma cream using a crafting table.

Locating Slimes

To find slimes, you can explore swamp biomes, especially during nighttime. Slimes spawn in the lowest layers of swamps and can be identified by their unique bouncing movements. Once you spot a slime, defeat it to obtain slime balls. Ensure that you have an adequate supply of slime balls before proceeding to the next step.

Acquiring Blaze Rods

Now that you have obtained magma cream, the next step is acquiring blaze rods. Blaze rods are dropped by blazes, which are hostile mobs found exclusively in Nether fortresses. However, you don’t need to venture into the Nether to find them. Instead, you can find blazes in the overworld by locating a fortress that generated partially or entirely in the overworld during world generation.

Finding an Overworld Fortress

Locating an overworld fortress can be challenging, but it is possible. Start by exploring the overworld near your spawn point. Keep an eye out for structures that resemble Nether fortresses. These fortresses generate partially or entirely in the overworld due to a rare glitch. Once you find a fortress, make your way inside and prepare for battle with the blazes.

Battling Blazes

Blazes are formidable foes, but with the right strategy, you can defeat them and obtain blaze rods. Ensure you have appropriate armor, weapons, and potions for the battle. Take caution as blazes shoot fireballs that can deal substantial damage. Engage in combat and defeat the blazes to collect their blaze rods.

Creating Blaze Powder

Now that you have both magma cream and blaze rods, you can finally create blaze powder. Head over to a crafting table and combine the magma cream and blaze rods. This will result in the creation of blaze powder, which you can then use for various crafting recipes and brewing potions.

Additional Tips

– It is recommended to have enchanted armor, a bow, and arrows to make the battle with blazes easier.

– You can also trade with villagers to obtain blaze powder. Look for cleric villagers who offer blaze powder as one of their trade options.

– If you have already visited the Nether but need more blaze powder, this method can still be useful to avoid the dangers of the Nether.


By following this guide, you can obtain blaze powder without setting foot in the dangerous Nether. Gathering slime balls, acquiring blaze rods from an overworld fortress, and combining them to create magma cream will allow you to craft blaze powder. This alternative method provides a safer approach for players who wish to avoid the risks associated with the Nether dimension. Happy crafting!

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