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Welcome to our guide on the best way to get apples in Minecraft Bedrock! Apples are a valuable resource in the game as they can be used for crafting golden apples, which provide various beneficial effects. Whether you need apples for health regeneration or to tame horses, we have got you covered. In this article, we will explore different methods and strategies for obtaining apples in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Farming Apple Trees

If you want a sustainable source of apples, farming apple trees is your best bet. To start, you will need apple saplings, which can be obtained by breaking oak leaves. Plant the saplings in rows with a space of at least two blocks between them. Make sure to leave enough space for the trees to grow. Apple trees require a light level of at least 8 to grow, so ensure they are exposed to enough sunlight or use torches for artificial lighting.

Once the apple trees have grown, they will periodically drop apples. Simply break the leaves to collect them. To increase your chances of getting apples, you can use bone meal on the saplings to speed up their growth. Remember to replant the saplings to maintain a steady supply of apples.

Exploring Villages

If you’re in need of apples but don’t have the resources or time to farm apple trees, exploring villages can be a great alternative. Villages often have farms with crops, including apple trees. Look for apple trees with fully grown leaves and break them to obtain apples. However, keep in mind that not all villages have apple trees, so you may need to explore multiple villages to find them.

Trading with Farmers

Another way to get apples in Minecraft Bedrock is by trading with farmers. Farmers in villages have a chance to offer apples as part of their trades. You can obtain apples by trading emeralds or other items, such as wheat or carrots, with the farmers. It’s a good idea to have a steady source of emeralds by trading with other villagers or by mining and selling valuable resources.

Exploring Forest Biomes

Forest biomes are another excellent place to find apples in Minecraft Bedrock. These biomes often have oak trees, which drop apples when their leaves are broken. Explore the forest biome and look for fully grown oak trees. Break their leaves to collect apples. The advantage of this method is that you can find apples without the need for farming or trading.

Killing Zombies

Believe it or not, zombies can drop apples in Minecraft Bedrock. When killed, zombies have a small chance to drop apples as a rare loot. This method might require some luck and patience, but it can be an exciting way to obtain apples while exploring the game. Keep in mind that the chances of getting apples from zombies are low, so this method may not be the most reliable.

Using Bonemeal on Saplings

If you have a limited supply of apple saplings and want to maximize your apple yield, you can use bonemeal on the saplings. Bonemeal is a useful item made from bones, which can be obtained by killing skeletons. Applying bonemeal to apple saplings will instantly grow them into fully grown apple trees, increasing the chances of getting apples. However, bonemeal can be a limited resource, so use it wisely.


Apples are a valuable resource in Minecraft Bedrock, whether you need them for crafting golden apples or for other purposes. By farming apple trees, exploring villages, trading with farmers, exploring forest biomes, killing zombies, or using bonemeal on saplings, you can obtain apples in different ways. Choose the method that suits your gameplay style and start collecting those apples today!

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable information on the best way to get apples in Minecraft Bedrock. Now go out there and enjoy the game while munching on some delicious apples!

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